Our Story

GreymatterFinch was started in 2008 to provide clients with holistic and creative corporate communications solutions – with every aspect of the process under one roof.

Our values were established then and remain today:


We are professional and provide our clients with excellent service and exceptional products and solutions.


We are client-focused and believe in mutual respect.

Our Story

Stakeholder trust does not just happen; it is forged and maintained through communication, excellence and delivery.

Why us?

Our clients trust us because:

We are a team

We provide in-house services with an integrated and efficient approach to communication – from advising on what and how to disclose, writing and proofreading, to designing, typesetting and delivering all elements in digital or print format.

We are adaptable

We search for innovative and creative ways to deliver excellence, tailor made solutions.

We deliver

We create world-class solutions to intricate problems.

We are experts

We are part of local and international expert bodies and are thought leaders in shaping the future of integrated and sustainability reporting and other communications. We give best practice advice in a practical manner and can guide new or mature reporters to achieve their goals.

We are meticulous

Our quality assurance process and company culture only accept excellence.

We do good

GreymatterFinch strives to be a responsible corporate citizen and provides pro bono services to several non-profit organisations. We established an educational trust because we believe education and entrepreneurs are the future of South Africa. The educational trust is our pride, supporting education in language, finance, veterinary science and early childhood development.

What we do

We are

communication specialists

We offer an end-to-end service, with all capabilities in-house.

CORE CAPABILITIES Manage projects Digital solutions Design and layout content Develop Research

We research and understand industries, companies, reporting requirements and trends to deliver practical advice.

We develop and write tailored content in a clear and impactful manner.

We strategically and creatively use design and layout to create visually-inspiring content.

We understand the digital user experience and develop digital solutions that are creative and effective.

We manage small and large integrated and time-sensitive projects tailored to our clients processes and budgets.

Our capability, experience and expertise deliver impactful communication to targeted audiences through our clients’ preferred channels.


Financial reporting suites:

  • Integrated reports
  • Sustainability, ESG, TCFD and other reports
  • Financial statements
  • Results presentations
  • Results adverts and stock exchange announcements

Bespoke stakeholder communication and more:

  • Topic-specific internal and external communications
  • Investor hubs, corporate websites and online reports
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee newsletters
  • Corporate magazines
  • Corporate identity manuals


Value added services

“Write your story as it needs to be written. Write it honestly and tell it as best you can. I'm not sure that there are any other rules. Not ones that matter.”

– Neil Gaiman

Our value added services team helps craft your story in a way that shows how you create value.

Value added service offerings, including training, workshops, writing and research are tailored to clients’ specific needs. The team assists you to improve your reporting and guides you through regulatory changes and best practice reporting trends.

Our value added services team works with you and our production team to ensure content is developed and delivered as effectively as possible.

Project management

“Being a project manager is like being an artist, you have the different coloured process streams combining into a work of art.”

– Greg Cimmarrusti

We value our client relationships and we adapt to your way of working. We manage logistics through timelines, scoping and on-site availability and we advise on how to curtail budget overruns and support savings.

We adopt a ‘no-surprises’ approach.

Someone is always available to take your call and action your requests.

Digital solutions

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even the pencil.”

– Douglas Engelbart

Our digital team develops stakeholder communication solutions that increase engagement with your digital footprint.

We craft digital strategies, considering the target audience and using analytics to develop optimal user experiences. We develop responsive websites for multiple devices, digital apps and interactive reports.

We stay abreast of global trends to ensure we provide you with the latest technical and security solutions.

Design and typesetting

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”

– Walt Disney

Design is the vehicle for effective messaging, and the outcome of creative and conceptual planning.

Our designers and typesetters convey a story by enhancing the relationship between design and content – no matter the format.

Our advisory team supports the design process to ensure the design and layout of the report elevates the content.

Language services

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

– Mark Twain.

Our language practitioners ensure reports and other communication use clear and audience-appropriate language.

They dot the i’s and cross the t’s through daily quality assurance and proofreading.

Corporate transactions

Our corporate transactions experts oversee the production and distribution of prospectus, circulars, SENS announcements and newspaper announcements.

  • Value added services
  • Project management
  • Digital solutions
  • Design and typesetting
  • Language services
  • Print and distribution
  • Corporate transactions

Find us

Find us

Cape Town

First Floor
98 Dorp Street
Stellenbosch, 7600
Telephone 021 569 0180


First Floor
37 Waterford Office Park
Waterford Drive
Fourways, 2191
Telephone 010 109 3700

Click here to access our location on Google Maps

Click here to access our location on Google Maps

Cape Town

First Floor
98 Dorp Street
Stellenbosch, 7600
Telephone 021 569 0180

Click here to access our location on Google Maps


First Floor
37 Waterford Office Park
Waterford Drive
Fourways, 2191
Telephone 010 109 3700

Click here to access our location on Google Maps